• College Campus


    Computing Facilities

    The computer lab incorporates the latest in hardware and software facilities. All systems are well networked to provide multi user multi platform connectivity and are supported by a host of printers, scanners, modems and other peripherals. Great emphasis is laid on periodical updating of lab facilities in order to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements.

    State-of-the-art- infrastructure

    The College is located in Gwalior. A seminar hall, air conditioned / air cooled classrooms, computer labs; conference room, library etc form the state –of –the-art facilities housed at the College premises. Classrooms with capacity ranging from 60 students to small focus groups of 20 – 30 students are also part of the infrastructure of the college. The college proposes to give maximum benefit to students.


    The Library serves as a backbone to all academic activities of the college. The college has a well stocked library, having books of all subjects. The library is being continuously upgraded and enlarged. All students have direct access to library resources to promote their reading habit. Various magazines, journals, newspapers etc. are made available to facilities peaceful reading and ensure good use of any free time.

    Teaching Methodology

    The College approach to teaching is simple but effective. Our aim is to help students maximize their potential. We ensure that they are taught clearly and effectively so as to facilitate success in the course assessments and examinations – which lead to success in their careers.


    Lectures at the College are used primarily to identify and explain key aspects of the subject. They are the student’s guide and focused route through the syllabus. Our lecture ethos is to guide, explain and teach rather than to transmit factual material which can be readily obtained from the recommended texts during private study.


    Seminars complement the lectures very well. They are designed to give students an opportunity to test their understanding of the material covered in lectures and private study by reference, usually to a set of questions identified in advance. They give students an opportunity to clarify and doubts and to develop their oral communication skills.


    Since programs of the College are validated by a university, they conform to high academic and evaluation standards. There are varied methods of assessment depending upon the demands of each course. Internal assessments are conducted with the help of written sessional examinations, practical examinations, assignments, attendance, case studies group discussions presentations and dissertation.

    Co-curricular Activities

    The College insists on intensive course work but at the same time attaches importance to co-curriculur activities. Students are encouraged to take part in various debates, cultural events, competitions etc, which enable their all-round development and give them an edge over competitors. To promote student interest in games and sports various sports activities are conducted periodically to develop a healthy competitive spirit among students. These activities not only rejuvenate the students but also make them fit and healthy. They are instrumental in developing a feeling of cooperation among students of various departments. Apart from class room teaching the college believes in education beyond walls, to expose the students to the outside world.

    Personality & Language Development

    If you conduct a quick reality check, you’ll find that most applicants for a job at par when it comes to academic and technical competence. Thus the final criteria for selection are often only communication skills, conduct and grooming. That is why personal and career development have been given special emphasis at college. Personality Development classes are conducted to prepare our students for the future corporate world. Students are encouraged to activity participate in group discussion, workshops & extra curricular activities to enhance their personality traits.

    For those students who need improvement on their communication skills the College offers training in English competency. This helps students speak and write good English, which enables them to meet the new challenges of this globally competitive world.